Travel plans to aid your weight loss program   

Travel plans to aid your weight loss program  

All too often, a well-maintained weight loss program and diet and fitness regime one has kept up faithfully throughout winter and spring gets thrown out the window come summer. You’ve worked hard for months to get a figure that can hold its own on the beach, got yourself a tan and toned the body – now it’s time for two weeks to kick back and show it off. But are there ways to keep working on your weight loss program, while also enjoying plenty of sun and seeing the world?

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A weight loss program at a fitness resort might sound like a funny way to spend your hard-earned summer break, but fitness resorts aren’t all about grueling exercise. They make losing weight fun and exciting, blending custom programs with luxury destinations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, Spain and the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Meals on the premises or even in local restaurants are healthy yet appetizing, and you can expect loads of local produce. With daily yoga and other exercise classes combined with hill-walking or mountain biking in the local area, you can eat as much as you like while also making new friends, enjoying breathtaking scenery and visiting local attractions.


Who goes on a fitness vacation?

These are vacations aimed at people who value healthy lifestyles and active travel, who enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people and who aren’t afraid to try new things. They attract all kinds of generations, both genders, and a variety of personalities – from the female professional in her mid-30s to the 60-something grandmother; from people hoping to come out of their shy, retiring shell to adventure-loving extroverts.


Bikini Bootcamps and Fatpacking vacations

When choosing where to go for a fitness vacation, expand your comfort zone and get ready to see the world. Options range from surf and yoga camps in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico to luxury wellness resorts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Expect to be offered everything from bike rides to visit local ruins to tribal drumming sessions in bespoke holidays with names like “Bikini Bootcamp.” Meals are often taken communally, boosting the team spirit of those taking part, while rooms range from jungle-style campsites to more luxurious affairs. Most are shabby chic-styled resorts that connect you to local culture and architecture.

One new trend is ‘fatpacking’ – weight loss backpacking where participants are guided on one to two week wilderness hiking vacations to a range of once-in-a-lifetime destinations. And naturally, you can and should eat as much as you want while fatpacking, as you will be walking considerable distances each day.


An intense energy boost

Exercising daily stimulates both body and mind and you’ll find yourself more invigorated and energized than before. Increases in the feel-good hormone serotonin can be had both from regular exercise and activity and by taking supplements that work to increase this chemical, which is produced by the body itself.

Garcinia Cambogia extract, a weight loss supplement that increases serotonin, is derived from green coffee beans. The increased energy levels many people claim to have experienced after taking the supplement will leave you wanting to do more and see more – perhaps with an active adventure holiday.

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