Travel and Inspiration for Custom Designed Iron Doors

One of the benefits of electing to install wrought iron doors at your residence is that you have the ability to obtain custom-made options. When it comes to wrought iron doors, you can obtain something that meets your specific vision, goals, and objectives.

If you are contemplating wrought iron doors for your home, even if only a wrought iron front door, you may have decided to get something custom made. Having made that decision, you are now faced with the matter of trying to determine precisely what you want your custom designed iron door to look like.

The reality is that you have a variety of resources from which you can obtain inspiration in regard to the design of a custom made wrought iron door. For example, if you are planning to travel, you may be able to draw inspiration from wrought iron doors and other accoutrements on buildings in different locations in the United States and around the world. This particularly can be the case if you intend to take in some of the historic sites, particularly in certain parts of the United States and throughout most of Europe.

History of Wrought Iron

The dual use of wrought iron for decorative and functional purposes dates back centuries. You can find examples of it when you travel, particularly in Europe.

You will find prime examples of the early use of wrought iron for decorative and functional purposes in cathedrals and various historic sites located throughout Europe. This is particularly the case in the United Kingdom. Some of this can also be seen in older cathedrals and larger churches in the United States.

You can find an abundant number of historical examples of the early use of wrought iron in residential properties, typically upper-class properties like those belonging to the nobility, throughout France. Indeed, examples of this type of use of wrought iron migrated to the United States long ago. It is exemplified throughout the French Quarter in New Orleans, for example.

Small Ironworks and Blacksmith Shops

You might be surprised to hear that small ironworks and even blacksmith shops still exist in this day age. These are two primary sources for custom made wrought iron items for a residence.

When on your travels, depending on where you venture in the country, you can arrange for a side trip to a small ironworks or blacksmith shop. It is here that you start the process of making arrangements to have custom made wrought iron items for your residence. For example, if you desire a custom made wrought iron front door, window coverings, fencing, or some other items, a visit to a small ironworks or blacksmith shop is where it all begins.

A small ironworks or blacksmith shop can assist you in making a perfect design for your project. In addition, you typically can come to one of these types of establishments and bring your own design along.

As mentioned, small ironworks are more commonplace in certain parts of the country. For example, you can still find blacksmith shops in parts of the Midwest. There are still traditional farm operations that do rely on blacksmith shops for assistance with equipment and some other matters.

Moreover, there are more traditional communities, including Amish communities, that have active blacksmith shops. These can also be found in the Midwest, but also in the eastern part of the country, including in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Don’t Forget Bed and Breakfasts

Traditional bed and breakfast inns across the United States can also prove to be a solid resource when you want to take advantage of your travels to glean at least some home decorating ideas. This includes obtaining some concepts for doors, windows, fences, furniture and other items that may incorporate the use of wrought iron.

The reality is that many bed and breakfast inns, particularly those in either rural settings or in historic buildings in cities, very well may have long-used wrought iron items on their properties. This very well may include different types of doors comprised of wrought iron.

Consult a Decorator

Before you take off on a trip during which you want to scope out possibilities when it comes to doors for your home, including possible wrought iron designs for something custom made, consider consulting a decorator. A decorator may have ideas for a custom wrought iron door. In addition, many decorators may have some ideas about where you might be able to come up with iron door design ideas and concepts while you travel.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Abby Iron Doors. Abby Iron Doors specialize in designing and manufacturing wrought iron entry doors, wine cellar doors, windows and balconies for residential and commercial customers.  


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