Something for the Bucket List: Must-See Natural Sights Around the World

Something for the Bucket List: Must-See Natural Sights Around the World

While you may have seen any number of fabulous sights during your time, have you seen any of these awe-inspiring natural marvels? Take the bull by its horns and embark on an adventure to see one or more of these natural sights– with so much of the world to see, it’d be a shame to miss out on some of its most beautiful offerings.

Whether you choose to stay closer to home and explore what’s a little further beyond your doorstep, or you choose to head further afield, the possibilities are endless and with Amex Travel, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits (including Membership Rewards points) every time you take a vacation.

As for the must-see natural sights, here’s a few to get you started:

  • Moraine Lake, Alberta – You don’t have to go far to see some amazing sights and this one’s incredible. While the area in general is awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful, when the lake is full, the light rock reflects and refracts off the mountains surrounding it, creating a unique blue that will dazzle you completely.
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario – Spanning the border between Ontario and New York, the Niagara Falls are an incredible feat of nature located so close to home. Whether you choose to hear the almighty roar of the falls from a helicopter, or you’re ready to be soaked aboard the Maid of the Mist, seeing these Falls are a must.
  • Victoria Falls, The Zambia – It may not be the highest or the widest waterfall in the world, but it’s classified as the largest because of the sheet of cascading water. If you’re a lover of waterfalls and breathtaking sights, this would be an awesome place to go (as would the Angel Falls in Venezuela!)
  • The Amazon, South America – regardless of the country in which you see it, knowing that you have stepped foot in the largest rainforest in the world would be an incredible feeling – with the rainforest constantly depleting, now would be a great time to go.
  • Uluru, Australia – Sacred to the native Aborigines and magical to those who visit it, it may be 280 miles away from a township but it’s well worth heading deep into the outback to see.
  • Iceland – Alien landscapes, barren tundra, frozen waterfalls, the Northern Lights – why haven’t you seen Iceland yet? Check out a Golden Circle tour to see it all!
  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia – The largest single structure made my living organisms, and visible from Outer Space, the Great Barrier Reef is formed from over 2900 individual reefs and is a must-see before pollution sees it dwindle completely.

Add a little adventure to your next vacation and tick something off your Bucket List!

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