See EverythingYou Want This Holiday

See EverythingYou Want This Holiday

Getting to a new city for the first time can be a great feeling. There are so many emotions that will hit you ranging from excitement to being overwhelmed. You have so much to see and do and so little time. How can you possibly get in everything you want to do in just a few days? Relax, it has been done and it can be done by you too. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are able to see everything you want this holiday.

Make A Plan

Do your research before you get to the place that you’re going. Find out what you want to see and make a loose itinerary for yourself. I say loose because you don’t want to be chained to it. If you’re at one place and love it, stay. Don’t leave the Louvre at 3 just because your itinerary says so. Use it as a guideline and a reference, not a final and mandatory set of orders.

Be Realistic

If there are 8 museums you want to see, 6 pieces of architecture, 3 parks, and 4 restaurants you want to eat at but only have 3 days then you have to revise your list. Pick which things you want to do the most and do the rest if you have time. Try and gauge which activities will take shorter than others and plan that way.

Get Up Early

This maybe the hardest piece of advice to follow. It’s important to wake up early and get a shower and some breakfast. This is your energy for the day. You won’t be able to see all you can if you’re sleeping until noon each day. Bring an alarm clock with you and set it to go off early everyday. It sounds painful now but you’ll be happy about that decision in the long run. Also the earlier you can get somewhere often means less crowds. This is a plus in almost any situation.

Try Not to Party Too Hard

I take it back. Waking up early might not be the hardest rule to follow. Going out and partying in a new city is always a great time and an adventure. But be warned if you stay out until 4 a.m and drink gin and tonics all night the next day is going to be rough for you. Not only will it be hard to wake up and get after things early but you’ll also be in terrible shape to walk around a new place all day. Don’t let a beautiful new place be dampened by a hangover.

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