Rome: What’s On, Winter 2013/14?

Rome: What’s On, Winter 2013/14?


Rome is an ideal city to head to during the winter months. While the weather is significantly better in the summer, it is far from intolerably cold and you won’t generally see the same sub-zero temperatures as you do in the UK. But if the weather isn’t as good, why would you want to travel to Rome during the winter? I’ll tell you – it’s all about the events and festivals.

Wintertime is when a place comes alive and takes on a very different character. Cooler temperatures mean that people often have more energy to party, away from the stifling heat. Hop on a flight to Rome and see if you can find another side to this splendid Italian city. Here are our best choices for festivals to enjoy.

Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma

Recognised by Time Out as one of the city’s most promising annual events, Rome’s film festival has gained much in popularity since its creation in 2006. With all the latest hits screened here, as well as the opportunity to participate in the amateur’s competitions, this is not something film fanatics will want to miss out on. Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma takes place every October.

Festa di Santa Francesca Romana

Perhaps one of Rome’s oddest festivals, devout drivers can get their motors blessed on March 9th of every year by the spirit of Santa Francesca Romana. In 1433, she founded an order of nuns who never took their final vows and was believed to possess the gift of dislocation – being in two places at once. It was a quality that endeared her to Italy’s pioneer motorists, hence the festival.

Immacolata Concezione

One of the occasions that the Vatican’s most famous resident will be in attendance at is Immacolata Concezione, a special one-day event that celebrates the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. The Pope will be among those watching when, on December 8th, the fire brigade will run a ladder up Mary’s Column and hang a wreath around her outstretched hand.

Epifania – La Befana (Epiphany)

Rome is not known for its Christmas fairs, but Epifania is capable of giving Munich a run for its money. Taking place in Piazza Navona, it runs from the middle of December until January 6th and you can obtain a huge variety of items. Perfect for those hard-to-find Christmas presents and individual decorations.

Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate

One for the animal lovers, Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate commemorates a man who was considered by the Romans to be protector of all God’s creatures. On January 17th, those keen for their pets to gain a place in heaven take them along to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in order to get them blessed.

As you can see, there are many weird and wonderful festivals to be celebrated in Rome during the winter months. Don’t let the possibility of snow put you off – there is more than enough to keep you occupied so that you do not notice the cold.


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