Why I Love My Travel Blog

Why I Love My Travel Blog


I love my travel blog, it has given me some amazing opportunities in life that many other people could never dream of experiencing. People often think “how do I start a travel blog” and the answer is a really as simple as starting to write and posting it online. I think everyone should start their own travel blog and here are some of the main reasons that I begun my own.


One of the main reasons for becoming a travel blogger is of course to provide yourself with a creative journal of what you did and where you went on your trip. I love that I can always look back and remember some of the finer details that I may have forgotten. This is always a great experience to reminisce about the amazing experiences that I have had.


Blogging also comes with a little bit of money too and sometimes it is possible to get some money for reviewing interesting products and such. This has been a great experience for me and there have definitely been some great products that I have tested as a result. Of course this really opens your eyes to some of the great travel products out there.

Connecting with others

One of the best aspects of travel blogging is that people start to follow your journey. In the beginning this was just my family, but this grew over time and you find yourself speaking and interacting with different people from all different walks of life. This is highly enjoyable, especially when people get something from reading your blog.

Being creative

Writing is a great outlet and can be an amazing hobby that I would recommend to anybody that wants to start being creative. The thing I love about writing is that I can channel my thoughts into words and then tell a story, and it is also great because I was never much of an artist. I have found it really great to work on something that I am very passionate about.

There are probably a million reasons that you could blog, but trust me that it is something that is great and you won’t regret.

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