Hawaii – The Perfect Winter Getaway

Hawaii – The Perfect Winter Getaway

The six islands of Hawaii, are so incredibly packed with things to do, they are bursting at the seams. Concentrated into just 1500 square miles, is some of the most jaw dropping nature; such as Volcanoes, Whales, Dolphins, countless protected bird and plant life, and both amazing surf and reefs!

The climate here is tropical so expect hot and humid heat, which is great to relax on the beach and swim in the sea. The islands are the absolute embodiment of paradise, undeniable by both the way they look and feel. The locals are happy to have tourism and will welcome you with open arms.

It makes the perfect setting for a wedding, honeymoon or to just enjoy the company of your significant other.

Oahu Island

Landing at Honolulu international Airport, Oahu is the logical first point of call. It is referred to as the heart of Hawaii, being the most populated island. Here you will find Hawaii’s most famous beach, Waikiki Beach. Crystal clear warm water that feels like swimming in silk, you almost never want to get out. This is also a great spot to take surf lessons, where it is calmer, to get a feel and understanding before you hit the bigger waves.

The backdrop to this beautiful bay is Diamond Head, which is a huge volcanically formed mountain, which also offers some incredible walking routes. At the top you will find the national monument, which offers a complete 360 degree view of Honolulu.

You can go and see surfers surfing Hawaii’s infamous giant waves at the world famous North shore beach during the winter. In summer the waves are smaller and suitable for even beginners, but if you are here during winter, you will see only world class surfers attempting to ride these monster waves!

Kauai Island

This island is a sensory overload of dramatic and rugged scenery. First of all the Napali Coast, located on the northern tip of the island, is a striking array of emerald green cliffs that look like soft velvet, stretching for some 17km. You can only reach these untouched lands by foot along the Kalalau trail, and the land here is still as it was when the first Hawaiian settlers were here, living only on what they could grow and fish.

Waimea Canyon, located on the west side of the island, is yet another sight to behold. 14 miles long, 1 mile wide and 3600 feet deep, this geographical wonder is dubbed as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’. Looking out over it you can see why, it looks very similar, and certainly has the sheer grandeur of the Grand Canyon itself.

You can take numerous hiking and off-roading trips through this mighty tear in the earth, getting up and close to the flourishing life within. You will find some great waterfalls, deep chasms and ancient caves. There are routes for beginners to experts, just remember to treat this immense place with respect. Go as a group and take plenty of water, and wear good hiking shoes.

Hawaii is a true dream getaway and a perfect remedy to those winter blues!


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