Greece: Top travel tips

Greece: Top travel tips

Sometimes when we visit a new country we are not always aware of the cultural differences or the local customs, it’s not necessarily our fault that we don’t know. With life being so chaotic and busy all the time it can be difficult to do your research. So for those of you that are visiting Greece soon or in the distant future, it’s you lucky day because I have complied a quick list of things to expect and things for you to know before you head off on one of your holidays to Greece. Greece is such a popular tourist destination, millions of people flock there year after year, if you want to be one of those tourists that has a great time then having a bit of insider knowledge will help you no end. Whenever I have been to a new country and have made an effort with the locals the response I get is amazing, people tend to help you more if you are trying your best to help them understand you. It might sometimes be embarrassing trying to embrace local customs, but it is certainly the best way to go and you will definitely be greeted with smiles wherever you go. Here are my top travel tips for your next trip to Greece.


Get Personal

Greek people are extremely friendly and very open people. So be prepared to answer personal questions, such has much you make after tax calc etc Don’t be shy, it’s the way people do it in Greece. You will see people being openly affectionate in public, they also don’t hold back when having discussions, you will see people displaying anger in public, it’s one of things I love most about the place – there’s nothing bad about the loud, intense nature of people, it’s great!

Always offer your hand

It’s a very touchy feel culture, some people are taken back by this at first but you should embrace it. Back in the UK we have lost this personal touch, being so friendly is something that is needed in our every day life. So don’t be shocked if people kiss you goodbye the first time you meet them. Always offer to shake people’s hands, this is actually something that applies everywhere you travel. Shaking someone’s hand is a very polite gesture and you will find yourself doing with everyone you meet on holiday in Greece.

Nodding doesn’t mean yes!

This is important, when you nod your head in Greece the people will think that you are saying no to whatever you have been asked. When you are trying to hail a taxi then nodding your head will not help at all, people will think that you are telling them that you do not want a taxi. If you want to master this then just sit in a coffee shop or restaurant and see how the locals do it.

Don’t be greedy with your food

In Greece it is the custom to share your food, the majority of meals are eaten with communal dishes on the table. Sometimes you will be in a restaurant where you don’t even have your own plate and it is normal to put your fork in to the communal dish and help yourself.

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