Greatest sporting events from around the world

Greatest sporting events from around the world

No matter what part of the world you are from, sports are likely to be a large part of your society. From the National Football League in America, to the Barclay’s Premier League in England, sports play an important part in our culture. For many, witnessing these great spectacles can be larger than life. Hundreds of thousands of screaming fans in and around arenas, multi-million dollar television broadcast deals, massive corporate sponsorships, and personal camaraderie are just some of the things that makes sport so great. Let’s look at some of the greatest events around the world, and how you can get the most out of experiencing them.


The FIFA World Cup


When people think about global sport culture, soccer is probably the first sport that comes to mind. The 2014 World Cup will be the 20th installment of the tournament, and this time, Brazil, one of the most famous soccer nations, will play host to the event. Despite recent controversy and worries, the tournament is expected to be epic. Many South American teams are poised to make a run at this year’s cup, so don’t just expect a strong showing for Brazil. Brazil has spent the past few years upgrading their transportation infrastructure for the event, so it should be feasible for tourists to easily travel around the country between the 12 stadiums. FIFA expects to sell around 3.3 million tickets.


The NHL Stanley Cup


The NHL is growing in popularity around America, not just in the colder North. North Carolina, California, and Florida have all seen teams win the Stanley Cup in the past decade. However, the heart of the NHL still resides in the New England region. If you want to see as many different teams as you can in a short period of time, a vacation to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York is your best bet. The Philadelphia Flyers are a fan favorite, and the city itself has a wonderful history. Philadelphia is the second largest city on the East Coast, and the largest in Pennsylvania. With all those people, there is plenty to do, and the city is host to one of the most popular football teams in the NFL, the Eagles.


The Olympics


If you miss out on the World Cup, don’t worry, you can still have a shot at witnessing some amazing sporting competition in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, will host the 2016 Summer Olympics, and, like the World Cup, it will be quite the spectacle. Rio has some of the most amazing beaches in South America, and the nightlife and food are quite renowned. Copacabana Beach, one of the Olympic zones, boasts a 4km beach that is one of the most famous in the world. Unlike the World Cup, however, most of the action during the Olympics will take place in and around just one city. If you are a traveler, this is good news. You can maximize your entertainment intake by simply staying put!


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