Fly on a Budget

Fly on a Budget

When I decide to go on holiday, I begin a spying mission that becomes so obsessive, my friends start to worry a little.

No, I’m not a stalker, I’m a Skyscanner addict.

I tend to book my holidays in a DIY manner, and by that I mean I book own flight online, separately to my hotel and transfer, with all my other travel arrangements following suit. I find this saves me money, and gives me complete control over my time away.

The flight is always going to be the biggest part of any holiday in terms of arrangements, because unfortunately we can’t decide we’re going to fly to a certain place, on a certain day, at a certain time, and we have to go by airlines and their schedules – how inconvenient, indeed. The first thing I do is pre-search, and that involves deciding where I’m going, around what time and I search a week either side. Then I watch and wait. And watch, and watch, and wait a little more. When I’ve pinpointed when I want to go, I book the time off work, and I watch a little more. It really does become a mission akin to a James Bond film.

When the time is right, and by that I mean when the price is as low as I think it will ever go, I strike – bang! I book that flight and then I swear not to check the price again because its sod’s law it will go down, and it’ll make me feel very sick indeed.

Unfortunately, flight searching isn’t an exact science, and deciding when to book is a risk, yet by watching and being a bit patient, you’re in with more of a shout of a low cost flight, so it’s certainly worth it. What’s even riskier is when you miss your flight! Fear not though, with companies like Flight Delay Claims 4 U, you’re never alone.

The good thing about flight comparison sites, such as Skyscanner, is that they search all airlines, often ones you wouldn’t have thought of checking, to get the best deal. Be aware that the price you see won’t often be the exact price you pay, as you’ll need to add on other charges, such as baggage and occasionally check in fees etc, but as a general guideline, it’s a good start.

I often fly from my regional airport, and to add onto my much-searched-for flight, I always book travel extras, to cut out the stress and also lower my costs. I’ve used Stansted car parking religiously over the last year, and can’t fault it for not only price, but also convenience and customer service. Nobody misses out on this service either, so if you’re flying from north of the border, be sure to check out what’s available at your local airport, such as great value Edinburgh Airport parking facilities. Travel becomes easier when the stress is taken out, and with a little pre-planning the whole thing becomes a doddle.

The next time you’re searching for a low cost flight, or a last minute deal, remember my spy-esque search techniques, and see how low you can get the price before you jump to book.

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