Find the Right Hotel in South Africa for Your Business Conference

You’ve decided to hold your business conference in South Africa, now all you need to do is pick the right location. Okay, this isn’t all you have to do, you also have to work out the itinerary, decide who’s speaking when, organise the food, accommodation and beverages. Then there are the travel arrangements and various activities to sort out, but let’s not jump the gun. Before you do anything else you need to find the right hotel to use for your conference, and here are a few tips to help you.


What Are You looking for?

Work out what the attendees will be most interested in. They may want to be close to the airport or away from the city centre so they can enjoy the scenery.  Will they want to eat at the hotel or go out for meals? Perhaps everyone will be looking forward to playing a few rounds of golf. You may want them to take part in some team building in which case you will want many activities close to hand.  All of these things need to be thought about so you can find the right hotel that is situated in the perfect location and which offers the right entertainment.

Sorting Out the Conference Room

It helps to make things easier if you’re able to book a conference room in your hotel. It takes less organisation and everyone can be housed in the same location, to avoid logistic issues.  The meeting room should have enough seating to fit everyone comfortably and essential technological equipment you may need during the talks.  Think too about the planning, communications and work you and your employees or colleagues will be doing, you will certainly need free WiFi.  If you can’t find the right conference hall in the hotel you’re interested in, see if the hotel can help you find the perfect location for you.

Are There Enough Things to Keep You Busy

Find out what you can do at the hotel, will there be plenty to stop people getting bored or fed up in their rooms? Look for hotels such as Tsogo Sun,, that have a selection of hotels where you can find spas, fitness centres, swimming pools, bars, restaurants and more. All of this is often found under the same roof as the conference halls or meeting rooms that are designed for business events.

Learn About the Local Attractions

You probably won’t want to spend all your time in the hotel so it’s important to look at the location in South Africa you’re tempted towards. You might want to go on Safari, climb a mountain or take part in some water sports. South Africa gives you a lot of options; all you need to do is find a location that will suit your preferences and ideas.

Book Your Place

Once you’ve found the right location and destination all you need to do is book the Tsogo Sun, hotel and conference centre.  Then you can move on to the next job on the long list!

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