Couples Travel: St. Petersburg

Couples Travel: St. Petersburg

If you’re planning your next romantic getaway then you should definitely consider one of the most awe-inspiring cities in Europe, where nature’s beauty meets years of beautifully planned and constructed architecture.

Ladies and gents may I present to you …the marvelous St. Petersburg!!  Trust, your sweetheart will love you for it so here are a few tips to help make your stay the most enjoyable ever and help you score a few more points, wink wink!

The peak time to visit the city is between May and July, with August temperatures soaring high sometimes, but don’t be wary of visiting in winter as the city’s charm truly shines during the colder season.


Boat ride

Start your journey by taking a boat ride along the Neva River bank.  A nice bottle of champagne and some nibbles, well you know the rest.   A quick google search will point you in the right direction when booking one of these so what are you waiting for?


Pamper yourself

The accommodation in St. Petersburg is vast and varied, but since you’re travelling with your loved one do make sure to pamper yourselves and book one of the nice hotels that the city has to offer.  Most 4 and 5 star accommodation here is actually an historical building of some type so the décor and service is second to none.



Visit a Museum

There’s something very romantic about museums and the Hermitage is sure to fulfill every expectation.  Simply walk around with your loved one and admire the beautiful creations of some of the greats like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso and Rubens.  The Russian Museum on the other hand, houses an impressive collection of Russian art from early 10th century religious icons to folk art and soviet art.  Make sure you visit the museum’s shop for some really nice articles that will help remember the experience for days to come.



Take your loved one to the theatre

There’s nothing more romantic than a classical music concert at the Mariinsky Theatre, be it ballet or otherwise. Russia has a long-standing relationship with music and this is something in which they really excel.  Whether it is Tchaikovsky or Prokofiev be sure that it is going to be executed to perfection and this will be a night of pure bliss but don’t be fooled into thinking that classical music is the only thing going here.  Western influence has made its mark and you can find Jazz or any other genre for that matter in pubs and clubs all around the city every day of the week.


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