Best Sunny Getaways for the Whole Family

Best Sunny Getaways for the Whole Family

Do the long and cold winter months have you craving sunshine and warm, outdoor activities? Well why not use this time indoors to start planning your next getaTway. Don’t just dream of sunshine and beaches, but make this holiday a reality. Before you know it, you’ll be catching a train from London to Heathrow and hopping on board a plane to take you to an exotic destination. It truly is as quick and easy as that! Check out a few of our favorites:



A holiday to Thailand is more than just a sunny getaway. Here, you’ll experience the magical spiritual atmosphere of Buddhist temples and monks, incredible spicy food and one of the warmest and friendliest cultures in the world. This is all alongside the gorgeous beaches and sunny adventures you’ll have here! If you’re into beaches and water, definitely head to the southern islands where you’ll have your pick of the more touristy areas, or getting off the beaten path. If you want to experience some time in the jungle, head north to Chiang Mai where you can go ziplining and trekking with elephants.


Morocco is warm, exotic and a rather short flight from Europe, making it a great getaway for the family. Experience the culture of northern Africa with camel rides, shop at the bustling markets and enjoy the local flavors at street stalls and restaurants. Marrakech is a popular destination in Morocco, with tons of hotels to choose from. It’s a great destination if you want to experience something different from a normal beach holiday.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a super quick flight from Heathrow and bound to satisfy that craving for sunshine. Here you’ll find all sorts of outdoor activities from volcano hikes to golfing and of course wonderful beach time. Visit the island of Tenerife if you’re interested in learning about the history and culture of the islands, as there are some great museums here. Soak up the beautiful scenery and ethnically diverse culture and food here.


Are you craving time at some of the best beaches in the world? Head to the island of Crete in Greece, and you surely won’t be disappointed. There is plenty to see and do for beach lovers and non-beach lovers alike, but either way you will appreciate the gorgeous turquoise waters and long stretches of sand that make up the coasts of the island. The island produces some delicious food products and is a great place to explore Minoan culture alongside your beach time.

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