The Best Cold Destinations In The World

The Best Cold Destinations In The World

Getting out into the cold is not always a bad thing, especially when you choose to do so. There are so many stunning places on earth that you could potentially visit and the beauty of the cold is something that I really enjoy myself. Whether it is lakes or mountains, the freezing weather gives a sense of serenity to the nature and I wanted to write a little piece about some great places to actually seek out the cold. I hope you enjoy it.


Antarctica is fast becoming one of the number one “cold” destination and of course this is because it is the ultimate trip that you could fulfill in your life. Imagine traveling to the end of the world on a cruise to Antarctica. Imagine ice everywhere and a lot of amazing wildlife, like penguins, seals and whales. Words just can’t describe the combination, but it is going to be the best thing that you ever see on holiday, trust me on that. There is so much to do there like kayaking between the icebergs, whale watching and even swimming if you are brave enough! I have been lucky enough to do this one myself and I would highly recommend a cruise to Antarctica myself, it will change the way that you think about travel forever.

The Bavarian Alps, Germany

This is a great place to get all your outdoor activities in like skiing, sledding, snowboarding and snow tubing. This is always a safe bet for anyone because you can do whatever you want and the best thing that you can simply relax in the various spas there too. Let’s also not forget that Bavarian food is simply delicious and the beer is great too, so this is another selling point of this great winter destination.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is world famous as a ski destination for the rich and the famous, but that is not the only reason it is good. It offers a home feel in a ski resort, combined with some great skiing and you have a recipe for a great winter holiday destination. There are also many world class restaurants there to look after the A-listers, but this is also an advantage for you too.

Chamonix, France

Chamonix is well known in Europe and the world for its powdery snow that is absolutely perfect for skiing. Chamonix is incredibly diverse, which makes it perfect for all kinds of levels of skiing. This is also a great place to enjoy your own chalet and do it all in style in an actual town and not just a purpose built ski resort. It is also quite interesting to note that the lift system operates year round, so that you can enjoy hiking, climbing and mountain biking in the summer months.


Iceland for me is one of the most amazing cold destinations on the planet. For me it is almost as good as Antarctica in terms of the scenery. It is so isolated and the nature is just stunning with mountains, snow, ice and everything else that you could possibly think of. The lure of the Aurora Borealis is also a reason I love this place so much. This phenomenon is like seeing a moving neon sign in the sky, but with blues, reds, greens, oranges and purples all mixed together. This is absolutely the most incredible thing you will see in your entire life.

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