5 Winter Essentials

5 Winter Essentials

When the winter cold kicks in it’s time to pull out all the warm clothes that has been sitting there all summer. But what type of clothes should everyone one have in their wardrobe? Well, there are 5 winter wardrobe staples everyone needs, see how many you already have from this list and how many you need to go out and invest in.


A Big Black or Navy Wool Coat

This is what is known as a ‘wear with everything’ coat, so don’t cut back when it comes to choosing a coat based on it’s quality or thickness. The reason for going with black or navy is because these neutral colours go with everything, this is important because it’s a coat that you might be pulling on each day. You need to make sure that there’s plenty of room underneath because it may have to fir over any number of layers when the freeze really kicks in.

A Lined Army Jacket

These timeless classics are perfect for winter wear. They are very warm but are a more casual piece to wear when you need to keep it simple, it acts as a great back up to the big wool coat you have. Make sure that the jacket is lined and very cozy, the hood and pockets are also essentials.

A Pair of Fashionable Boots

We all know that the key to being happy during winter is to have warm cozy feet. So a flat boot that you can wear to and from the office, and also when you’re out and about is essential.

Hat, Mittens and Scarf

The perfect three piece that needs to be in every wardrobe when winter arrives. Cashmere is the best material to go for because it’s luxurious. It’s true that it might be a bit pricier than other options but it’s always soft, warm and extremely comfortable.

Blue Jeans

Your favourite pair of blue jeans will work well with the boots, either jacket and your hat. Make sure that they feel comfortable and are well fitted. They will be able to keep the chill out as you go from errand to errand.

If you’re looking for a great place to find these winter staples then always keep an eye out for the amazing groupon vouchers, I’m always using them because they save me so much money when I am adding to my wardrobe.

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