5 Things Every Backpacker Should Pack

Before you start to dream of all your backpacking adventures to come, it’s super important to prepare wisely and think about the essential items you’ll need for your trip! This will help your journey go smoothly so you can focus on making those unforgettable memories.



Who wants to travel all the way around the world, see incredible sights and make amazing connections and then have nothing to show for it? Not you, surely! So bring along a camera (and charger!) to document your voyage. Whether you’re into advanced photography with an SLR camera or just need something simple to snap away during the moment, a camera is an essential item to keep in your bag. If you’ll be traveling somewhere tropical, think about a waterproof camera to capture your snorkeling or scuba diving experience.

A Good Bag

You might be thinking more about what needs to go in your bag, but don’t forget to consider the bag itself as this is a crucial component of your trip going smoothly.You might opt for a backpack or you might even want to get some luggage with wheels if this suits you better. Try out some different bags to see what works for you. You can get cheap luggage that won’t break the bank and leave you plenty of extra cash for your trip.

Light Clothing

You won’t need much when it comes to packing clothes for your trip. Keep in mind that you can do laundry along the way, and sticking to basics will simplify your life on the road. Pack a good pair of jeans or two, some basic tops, a waterproof jacket, and shorts or other types of clothes depending on your destination. Use accessories to change up your wardrobe rather than bringing lots of different clothes.


You might not think you need or want to bring your laptop along on your trip, but the fact is you’re probably going to wish you had. If you want to, invest in a netbook that’s super small and light. This way, you can stay connected without feeling burdened down. There will be times you really need to look up directions or send an email, and just won’t have time to wait in line for the hostel computer.

An Open Mind and Sense of Adventure

Yes, this is one of the most essential things to bring on your backpacking adventure! Enter your trip with the mindset that anything can happen, and you’ll open yourself to some of the most incredible experiences you never could have even imagined. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, do the things that scare you, and you’ll find that you’ll return home a changed person (in a good way!)


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