5 Places To See In Florida

5 Places To See In Florida


Florida is one of the most beautiful places in all of North America, there is so much to do and see and there should be no reason not to take the kids to Florida this year to enjoy the summer sun and the amazing attractions that it has to offer


Disneyworld is famous the world over for its universal characters that are loved the world over. Orlando is the original and of course the best of the Disney parks, especially because this is where it all started. The city is heavily based around the park as well. 

The Florida Keys

The Keys are small islands off the coast of mainland Florida that were formed initially by coral cays. They are very unique and are mostly connected by bridges, making for a truly unique linked archipelago landscape. The keys are extremely beautiful with crystal clear waters and truly unique plant and animal species. These species are not found in any other parts of the United States!

The Everglades

Most of the southern parts of Florida are actually made up of tropical wetlands and these form the Everglades. The area is unique due to its two extremes of weather, which is extreme drought and frequent flooding. The Everglades have formed their own unique ecosystem of alligators, cypress swamps and mangrove forests. Taking a boat tour of the Everglades can be extremely interesting and is a unique landscape that does not occur in the same size or vastness anywhere else in the world.

South Beach

Everybody knows South Beach as the ultra cool place in Miami to hang out in the Florida sun. Of course it is extremely beautiful with perfect weather year round and crystal clear water that is enjoyed by many. The beach has of course attracted a lot of attention as something of a hub of bars, restaurants and beautiful people. Riding along the foreshore is something I really enjoyed about it.

Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center

These two important parts of the “space coast” are located in Brevard County, right near the Atlantic coast. This is a fun place for the family, especially those interested in space, because many US spacecrafts were launched from here. The Kennedy Space Center was the host of the Apollo program, which saw man step foot on the moon for the first time! This really is a place that you do not want to miss.

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