4 top tips to save money on your self-drive holiday in New Zealand

4 top tips to save money on your self-drive holiday in New Zealand

A self drive trip around New Zealand is on the bucket list of many travellers. The scenery, wildlife and culture makes this country a very inviting place indeed, add to that your own vehicle that gives you the freedom to travel as you please then you’ve got the perfect holiday! One thing you will want to consider before hitting the open road and starting your adventure is trying to keep the costs down. If you’ve chosen a camper van for your journey, well done, you’re already saving money on hotel costs. Here are 4 simple to tips to consider that will keep your daily spending down but won’t affect the quality of your trip!

1) Be realistic with your time

You should be realistic about how much ground you can cover in the amount of time you have. New Zealand may not look too big on the map, but if you’re planning to see all of the major sights on both islands then you have to realise that a week or two just isn’t going to be enough time. If you really sat focused and plan your trip well you will save a lot of money on petrol. Petrol for long journeys just to see one sight for a day will really eat in to your budget. It’s best, on a tight budget, to focus on one of the islands.

2) Get the best price on your airfare

One of your biggest expenses will be your plane ticket. Due to the fact that New Zealand’s location is quite remotes airfares are usually high. Keep an eye out for sales offered by the companies that fly to New Zealand, Qantas and Air New Zealand are two to keep an eye on. You don’t have to check their site everyday, simply sign up for their email which will keep you in the loop about sales or discounts.

3) The best things in life are free

New Zealand has some fantastic activities and excursions, the only problem is that they usually cost a lot of money. If you’re budget doesn’t allow for such extravagance then there’s no need to worry! It’s usually free to go hiking in most national parks, go to the beach, walk along famous lakefronts or visit the botanical garden in Queenstown.

4) Hire a campervan

Hiring a camper van or a car in New Zealand is very popular indeed! If you’ve got your car then you can pack a tent and travel around until you find a spot you like – most parks are affordable but if you want to avoid the charges then it’s pretty legal in most areas to pitch your tent where you please. Taking a camper van on your trip means that you need have to think about paying for a hotel, you just have to find a park every few days to recharge the electricity in your van, perfect! If you’re looking for reliable rental companies:

1) Camper Vans Auckland NZ – Wilderness are a great company to g=check out if it’s a camper van you’re looking for.

2) Auckland Airport Car Hire – pick your car up as soon as you arrive with Snap Car Rental in Auckland

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