3 Places to Stop When Traveling East

3 Places to Stop When Traveling East


Montenegro feels like a fairytale land with its majestic black mountains, fine beaches, bewitching bay of Kotor, magnificent ancient churches, monasteries and imposing fortresses. It’s a must stop destination to experience the spectacular beaches lapped by crystal clear waters, cruise along this magnificent coastline and witness the beautiful towns along the beaches, villages perched high up on the rocky mountains. Have a feel of the elegant past as you explore the venetian capitals of Montenegro.

Stop over at the luxurious Sveti Stefan Island which was once a humble fishing village now turned to a luxurious resort. Escape to the mountains to the romantic Skadar Lake that is awe inspiring and home to numerous bird species.

Put on your hiking boot and trek off the beaten paths, discover your very own trail in the unspoilt rugged mountains of Montenegro as you marvel at is splendid natural beauty. This is one stop you will never forget.

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India is enchanting, rich in culture, intriguing religions, architectural splendor, festivities and numerous attractions sprawled over this vast country. From the romantic Taj Mahal to its spectacular sandy beaches and bustling cities, India gives you the best holiday experience ever. It’s also easy to explore by hopping on cheap internal flights with airlines like Go Indigo and Air India and seeing everything you could possibly want to.

Explore the relaxing backwaters of Kerala and cruise in the well crafted boat houses; take in the lush green beauty of the palm fringed landscapes. Treat yourself to Ayurvedic yoga which is India’s natural tradition of letting the body heal itself. The presence of numerous herbs in the unspoilt Kerala greenery makes it possible for numerous Ayurvedic treatment areas.


Enjoy the tranquility of the less crowded Kerala beaches, take a trip to see the mural paintings or enjoy sipping tea in the misty Munnar hill station. Explore the Kerala temples and enjoy some temple festivities which involve decorated elephant marches, colorful gods being ferried along, drummers and musicians entertaining the crowds and of course the popular Indian dances. There is so much to do in just one district in India which means that you can never get enough of India in one trip.


Sri Lanka has endured a lot, from Tsunami waves to political instability but still remains one of the most spectacular destinations. As stability is regained in the nation is slowly but steadily opening up to visitors, and there is nothing better than luxury holidays to Sri Lanka.

Explore the West Coast of Sri Lanka and discover the idyllic sandy beaches lined up with simple guest houses to magnificent resorts, fishing villages, lush coconut plantations, the old market of Puttalam and the Wilpattu National Park which hosts a number of animals including elephants and lions. Though hard hit by tsunami, especially the low lying area s of Ambalangoda, this region has recovered immensely and the beaches continue to lure tourists to relax, snorkel, dive or ride its excellent waves.

Delve deeper into the interior of Sri Lanka and be amazed by the spectacular landscapes, animals, jungles, and the tranquil misty Hill Country with immaculate tea plantations. Breathe in the fresh air in the mountains and explore its natural scenic beauty.


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