10 Reasons to LOVE Cruising

10 Reasons to LOVE Cruising


If you’ve ever thought of testing your sea legs, there’s no better time than now! With more ships and companies than ever before, competition has really raised the bar in terms of service and offering. Now, it seems, almost everyone is a fan! The experts at My Cruises have noticed a spike in cruise interest lately and these 10 reasons have a lot to do with it…


  • Value for money


Cruises are a great value holiday option. With accommodation, meals, performances, and a range of on-board activities included, you really do get what you pay for!


  • Easy to plan


Your role in planning a cruise holiday is minimal. With the itineraries already pre-set, all you have to do is pick a cruise that suits you, book it, and jump on board!


  • Stress-free country hopping


Cruise all over the globe and only unpack once! Cruises range from short coastal stints, to 357 day journeys all over the world. Forget airports, queues and checkouts—your hotel travels with you!


  • Reduced culture shock


If you’re new to international travel, a cruise is a great option. Avoid overwhelming culture shock—explore new countries by day and return to a familiar environment at night!   


  • Family friendly


Like all-inclusive resorts, most cruise ships have pools, clubs, and activities just for kids! Zones exist for adults who want their space too, and there’s a range of entertainment that all ages can enjoy!


  • Social AND intimate


Cruise ships are BIG so, while there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people, there’s also space to escape. Enjoy the luxury of being at sea—no distractions; just you and your travel partner/s!


  • Bundle deals


Bundle your holiday with companies like My Cruises. Enjoy the perks of a cruise, plus stay in your final port to explore further. My Cruises bundles include pre or post accommodation and extras!


  • Floating resorts


Do as much or as little as you like! Enjoy the comforts of a resort (day spa, pool, sport and fitness facilities, fine dining, entertainment etc.), plus the added bonus of stunning, ever-changing scenery!


  • Top-notch facilities


The competition in the cruise market has caused companies to really extend their offering. Think innovative technology and luxury, designer comfort everywhere—from the facilities to the décor!     


  • Fun for all


No matter what your age or reason for travelling, the perfect cruise is out there for you—from boutique luxury liners, expedition adventures, super resort-style ships, themed holidays, and around-the-world trips. Every age and interest group is covered too (solo travellers, couples, families, and over 50s).  

See full extent of where and how you can travel on a cruise at the https://www.mycruises.com.au/ website. Test your sea legs and discover what so many already have—that you just love cruising!

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